Opens Up to Androids, Webcams, DSLRs & Action Cameras with Experimental Mode has added experimental mode allowing anyone to use the system with any type of HD camera – from $30 webcams to all Android, DSLRs, and action cameras. user Karoly Hamza using 4 x Papalook PA930 Webcams ($60), which enables users to create studio-quality motion capture using artificial intelligence software has opened up to allowing any type of HD camera to be used on the platform following a significant number of beta users having success with generic cameras, Androids, and web cameras. user AK3DFX using 4 xLenovo 300 FHD Webcams ($30)

The patented software has been built to extract high fidelity motion from any type of HD camera and was recently launched on iOS to enable iPhones to capture and process animation. This new development now allows for any HD camera from any manufacturer to be used within the platform to generate high-quality animation. Any user can sign up get two free minutes and start testing with any HD cameras.

3 dancers captured using GoPro Hero 10s

"We had a huge number of requests on the beta and since launch about the ability to use cheaper, more affordable or accessible camera types with the system. A number of users took it upon themselves to test a wide variety of camera types uploading HD footage to the platform and using software like OBS and DaVinci Resolve to sync the footage," commented Co-Founder Anthony Ganjou. "As a team, we were blown away by some of the results particularly from hardware as cheap as $20-30. We wanted to empower these types of users to really experience the quality of and not necessarily have to use iOS or the iPhone application."

Experimental has been created by to make it incredibly simple for any user to start testing with every type of HD camera irrelevant of what type or manufacturer.

You can learn more about the Experimental mode by clicking this link. Also, don't forget to join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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