NCSoft Revealed New Trailers for Project M & LLL

Project LLL is promised to be out in 2024, while the date for Project M is yet to be announced.

At G-Star 2023, NCSoft showed new trailers for its upcoming games Project M and Project LLL, demonstrating the latest features in the games. The trailer for Project M revealed a narrative thriller with quicktime events, showcasing drama, family, violence, and futuristic, hardly-explainable events. Meanwhile, LLL, a sci-fi MMO set in an alternate history entangling modern-day Seoul, the Byzantine Empire, and the twenty-third century, was announced a few months later in November 2022.

The Project M trailer gave us a glimpse of a run-down, brightly-lit theme park and included sections of stealth and action that were different from the quicktime events. On the other hand, Project LLL's trailer showed a forest with skeletons hanging from trees and introduced combat from vehicles like trucks and helicopters. The gameplay also featured a player jumping from a helicopter and using a jetpack to descend, as well as combat abilities like an energy shield and moments of invisibility.

The company promised to release Project LLL in 2024, but a release date for Project M is yet to be announced.

NCSoft is famous for its ambitious massively multiplayer online role-playing games such as the Guild Wars series and Blade and Soul. Venturing into a completely different game genre has piqued the curiosity of many fans, who are eagerly anticipating the outcome of this new venture.

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