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New Houdini Toolset For Generating Large Natural Environments

SideFX has released the first batch of Project Dryad tools, a Houdini solution for building large-scale natural environments driven by real-world physical properties and populating them procedurally with custom assets.

Project Dryad is a set of tools designed to create large, procedural worlds, based on observations and research of biomes and natural phenomena for world generation.

This release focuses on the first three tools created for this system: Biome Initialize, Biome Curve Setup, and Biome Profile. Designed as a starting point for a bigger system, these tools are meant to be mixed and matched, and allow room for customization, processing input terrain and biome regions in a variety of ways to be able to adapt to different workflows and creative solutions.

Image Credits: SideFX

Image Credits: SideFX

Image Credits: SideFX

The Project Dryad Biome tools are already available in current releases of SideFX Labs, official free experimental tools related to game development, high-level workflows, and integration with other software.

You can also find the whole playlist featuring five comprehensive tutorials on how to use the Biome tools here, along with the instructions for installing the SideFX Labs tools in Houdini.

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