New Version of Photoshop Lets Users Save Adjustment Layer Settings

Create and save your presets for future use or to share with other artists.

Image credit: Adobe

Adobe has shipped an update to its popular digital toolkit, Photoshop, making Adobe Photoshop 25.5 the current version of the software.

Adjustments Presets is a feature introduced back in Photoshop 24.5, which is essentially a set of filters that enable users to preview and change the appearance of their images in a couple of steps. With the initial release, approximately 30 new Adjustment Presets were added to the Adjustments panel, with the presets available to be refined by editing their adjustments.

Photoshop 25.5 extends the Adjustment Presets system, making it possible for users to save and share their custom presets. Now, you can export a single Adjustment Preset or a whole set as well. Newly exported files are created with the extension .psap and are easy to share with other artists or use in future projects.

Image credit: Adobe

Another highlight of Photoshop 25.5 is the enhanced capabilities of the Contextual Task Bar to make the workflow smoother and access advanced text editing options.

Font properties, text alignment, leading, kerning, etc. can now be adjusted directly from the Contextual Task Bar.

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