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NieR Creator Says NieR Automata's Plot Is "Just a Retelling of Evangelion"

Yako Taro also spoke about the business side of gamedev. 

Image credit: Square Enix

In a recent interview with IGN, two well-known developers, NieR creator Yoko Taro and Stellar Blade Creative Director Hyung-tae Kim, had a chance to sit down and talk about their games.

During the interview, Taro shared that he views the plot of NieR: Automata as "just a retelling of Evangelion" that somehow found its way to the market. In developing the project, Taro aimed to create something with minimal competition and unique appeal to gamers.

Despite putting creative ambition above business interests, he acknowledged the importance of profitability. To distinguish the game from competitors, Taro decided to introduce an iconic and attractive female character, which led to the creation of 2B.

"I start with thinking about the business side, but by the end not much anymore. So at first I listen to what the publisher wants from me, but later I don't," shared Taro.

The game designer also discussed comparing Stellar Blade to NieR: Automata, highlighting significant differences between the two. According to him, the new PlayStation 5 exclusive is far more intricate and reminiscent of soulslike gameplay. Taro noted that the only similarity between the projects is the appealing appearance of the female characters.

"If you actually play it, you'll instantly realize that it's a very different game, but a delicate female character doing cool action is bound to draw comparisons. If Stellar Blade would have been the same game with a macho male character, I think people wouldn't have pointed out the similarities. It just happens to be that there are not many games with a similar style," the creator added.

In the same interview, Taro shared that is admiring Stellar Blade and thinks this game is better than NieR: Automata. If you're curious to know why, make sure to check out our recent article.

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