NVIDIA CEO On AI Revolution and Its Impact on the Company

NVIDIA head Jensen Huang discussed how companies should adapt to new emerging technologies, including AI, and spoke about how AI and data center impact the startup industry.

Artificial intelligence is set to be the main focus of NVIDIA's presence at the annual GTC developer conference that will take place from March 20 to 23. In anticipation of the conference, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang spoke with CNBC about how the surge of AI influenced the company and how it impacts the startup industry.

Huang discussed the fast-moving nature of the tech industry, highlighting how technology revolutions have come and gone in the past – he mentioned the previous PC, internet, cloud computing, and mobile cloud computing revolutions, and now, the AI revolution and emphasized the importance of adaptability and agility for companies to reinvent themselves to remain successful.

"We had to reinvent ourselves in each one of those technology revolutions. And, you know, agility is just really, really, really important to companies," Huang said. "The ability for us to adapt and reinvent ourselves and continue to be relevant and from one generation to another generation was really important. And I'm very proud of that."

Speaking of AI in particular and new technologies in general, the NVIDIA head explained that the success of each technological generation is initially due to some fundamental reason but eventually, it reaches an "escape velocity" and "becomes exponential" because new applications are enabled. According to him, NVIDIA made great choices when it came to the platform's architecture and discipline, and they were also successful in promoting it to everyone.

"We just believed that some day something new would happen. The rest of it requires some serendipity," he said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Huang touched upon the impact of AI and data centers on the startup industry saying that startups are now equipped with large data centers of AI supercomputers powered by A100s, which supercharge the startup's potential with the algorithms and data it holds.

He views this as a transformational moment for the startup industry and a significant turning point for the AI industry, comparing it to the moment when mobile cloud took off with the release of the iPhone. Huang noted that the current environment feels very similar, but on a much larger scale, with more industries impacted. However, he also mentioned that generative AI is "still extremely expensive to accomplish."

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