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NVIDIA CEO Says the Hacker Attack was a Wake-Up Call

Jensen Huang says the company needs to implement "zero trust" security.

Following the cyberattack on Microsoft on March 21, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang shared his experience with hackers Lapsus$ in February. At NVIDIA's GTC 2022 conference, Huang called the attack a "wake-up call" and said the company will implement a "zero trust" policy – all employees will be seen as a potential security threat.

"It was a wake-up call for us,” Huang told Yahoo Finance. “Fortunately, we didn't lose any customer information and any sensitive information. They got access to source code, which of course we don't like, but nothing that is harmful to us."

Lapsus$ has hacked several big companies recently, including Samsung, Microsoft, and Okta. According to Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center, the organization gets access to the data and then threatens to leak it.

In NVIDIA's case, the hackers got access to source code and ordered the company to remove the limitations on its recent graphics cards that are meant to make them less appealing to cryptominers and make its GPU drivers completely open-source.

While it's yet unclear how Lapsus$ gained access to NVIDIA's data, Huang said the threat usually comes from within the company.

"The fact of the matter is the intrusion tends to be internal. It tends to be somebody wandering around your hallway, somebody who has access to a fair amount of privileges," Huang explained. "And so we need to be what is called a zero trust architecture company, and we're accelerating our path to do that."

The attack made NVIDIA work on means to secure its data even harder.

"The path to a zero trust data center starts with the technologies that we're building," Huang said. "And so I've got to go build that technology faster, all the way from Bluefield, the DPUs that does security to the switching architectures that we have, the software stacks that we're creating, as well as this new AI framework we call Morpheus to do real-time exhaustive inspections of anomalies on the network in your data center."

The CEO promised that NVIDIA knows how to bring accelerated computing into the enterprise and will make it possible for its data center to be completely secure.

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