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NVIDIA & Masterpiece Studio Launch New Text-to-3D AI Playground

Masterpiece X – Generate should make 3D art effortless and accessible.

Getting into 3D has just become a little easier with Masterpiece X – Generate, a new text-to-3D AI playground created by Masterpiece Studio in collaboration with NVIDIA.

Masterpiece Studio is focused on bringing the art of 3D to as many people as possible without years of learning and expensive hardware. Masterpiece X – Generate is supposed to help to achieve this goal using generative AI.

Image credit: Masterpiece Studio

"We’ve collaborated with NVIDIA to drive the widespread adoption of 3D creation by combining our own proprietary AI process with NVIDIA Picasso GPU-optimized inferencing and simple API-as-a-service workflow for visual design AI models," says Masterpiece Studio.

The tool works in your browser and doesn't require any prior knowledge to learn. All you need is to type in what you want to see, and the program will do everything for you. As usual with text-to-anything software, the more detailed your prompt is, the better the result.

Image credit: Masterpiece Studio

There’s no need to be a “prompt engineer”; Masterpiece X - Generate truly empowers and enables every creative to skip the complex parts of 3D creation by:

  • Being inspired by the rapid and effortless iteration of 3D models generated by your AI copilot

  • Cutting costs (time, money, and effort), and instead focus on rapidly testing out ideas

  • Breaking free of limits like hardware, software, or skill

  • Using an intuitive website to make a few key selections: 

    • What kind of model? Human, Animal or Object;

    • What does it look like? (paint)

    • How does it move? (animation)

Image credit: Masterpiece Studio

The developers warn that Masterpiece X – Generate is not ready for high-fidelity or AAA game assets, specific elements/kitbashing and can't guarantee precise control over every single detail. However, it's great for iterating and exploring ideas quickly, prototyping multiple versions of ideas cost-effectively, and customization. The resulting asset is compatible with popular 3D software, like Blender, Unity, and Unreal Engine.

The tool works on a credit basis and is available on mobile as well. By creating an account you'll get 250 credits and will be able to use Generate freely.

In the future, the developers are planning to roll out many updates and continue to expand the tool's possibilities.

Find out more about it here and join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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