OctaneRender Developer OTOY on the Future of Rendering

Jules Urbach talks about his vision of GPU- and AI-driven rendering.

Jules Urbach, CEO of OTOY, the developer behind OctaneRender, presented his vision for the future of GPU- and AI-driven rendering and how it will impact gaming, visual effects, media, design, and art.

In the video, he talked about the roadmap for OctaneRender and The Render Network, the blockchain-distributed GPU rendering network and 3D marketplace. He also discussed how the future of media lies in holographic, AI, light field technologies, and real-time rendering.

Urbach noted that creation is becoming simpler nowadays and the tools for rendering are now easier and more powerful, but the future of rendering is in the hands of creators.

"I think the virtual production and virtual worlds go hand in hand, and you're going to see a lot of beautiful work being done ... and possibly a whole new swath of consumers that get exposed to these tools with utility through AI and other systems that make this much easier than it's ever been before and hopefully democratizes the content creation pipeline for artists."

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