Omniverse Machinima 2022.1 Update Starts the #MadeInMachinima Contest

Version 2022.1 adds exciting new features, leveraging the power of AI to make 3D content creation faster and more efficient.

NVIDIA’s 3D design collaboration platform for creators, NVIDIA Omniverse, just got a massive upgrade to its Omniverse Machinima beta app. Machinima lives within Omniverse providing tools for artists to remix, recreate and redefine animated video game storytelling through immersive visualization, collaborative design, and photorealistic rendering.

Version 2022.1 adds exciting new features, leveraging the power of AI to make 3D content creation faster and more efficient.

The new Pose Tracker workflow converts your laptop webcam, YUP, the same one you use to video conference with your nephews, to a mobile motion capture studio! 

Track and capture motion in real-time with the live conversion from 2D camera capture to 3D models, converting pre-recorded videos to animations, using retargeting to apply these captured animations to custom-built skeletons. 

This saves significant money both eliminating the need for expensive equipment and time saved, time is money after all, and Omniverse is a free app for all NVIDIA and GeForce RTX™ GPU owners. 

New extensive constraint tools expand possibilities for content to interact, think of putting weapons in character’s hands, or putting the camera on an animation!

With additional constraint tools, ReShade functionality, and Mechwarrior 5 assets added to the considerable Machinima asset library, there’s too much to celebrate, never a bad thing. In fact, we’ll celebrate.

NVIDIA Studio is kicking off the #MadeInMachinima contest!

They’re asking participants to build scenes and assets — composed of characters from Squad, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, and Mechwarrior Mercenaries 5 — using Omniverse Machinima. 

Not a Machinima expert? Not a problem. While Machinima experience is welcome, this contest is for creators of all levels. Experiment with AI-enabled features, create intuitively with PhysX-powered tools, and use special effects in real-time.

Looking for inspiration? Look no further than this cinematic short in Machinima produced by the legendary studio behind Halo Red vs. Blue, Rooster Teeth.

Three talented winners will win 1 of 3 grand prize NVIDIA Studio laptops from ASUS, Razer, and MSI, with vivid color displays and blazing-fast memory and storage to boost 3D workflows.

Studio laptops are tested and validated for maximum performance and reliability. They feature the latest NVIDIA technologies that deliver real-time ray tracing, AI-enhanced features, and time-saving rendering capabilities. These laptops have access to the exclusive Studio suite of software — including best-in-class Studio Drivers, NVIDIA Omniverse, Canvas, Broadcast, and more.

The contest runs through June 27. Visit the contest landing page for details. Launch or download Omniverse today.

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