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Path of Exile Developers Warn about Phishing Post That Appeared on Steam

You should change your password just in case.

Image credit: Grinding Gear Games | Path of Exile

Phishing is nothing new but it's still scary if enough effort is put into making it look believable. And what is more trustworthy than a Steam post supposedly from developers? This is what Path of Exile's creator Grinding Gear Games faced recently.

Someone managed to post a "malicious" link on the game's Steam page leading to a fake (but well-made) Path of Exile 2 beta registration page, according to one of the users. Grinding Gear Games warned players that they should change passwords if they clicked the link:

"Earlier today, a malicious news post containing a phishing link went up on the Path of Exile Steam page from a compromised account. The post was taken down quickly, but if you followed the link or suspect your account may also be compromised, please take immediate action to secure your account."

Another Steam user said the link led to a site with the "pathofexiie" address – a very common tactic where scammers replace one letter with a similar one.

In the comments, players complain about the developers' apparent lack of security and two-factor authentication, which allowed the scammer to log into the account of one of the creators.

Hopefully, you didn't fall victim to the maneuver and are ready to wait a bit more for Path of Exile 2. The beta of the game has been delayed until later this year, whenever that is.

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