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People React to Meta's New Leg Announcement

Social media users reacted to Meta's announcement that Horizon Worlds avatars will be getting legs now, mocking this "innovative" feature.

During Connect 2022, Meta announced some new games that are coming to Quest 2, shared several updates to VR games available on the platform, and revealed that it has acquired three VR studios, including Resident Evil 4 VR developer Armature and Iron Man VR creator Camouflaj.

In addition to that, Meta also announced that its social VR platform Horizon Worlds is getting a new feature – now, the avatars will be getting legs.

According to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, legs were "probably the most requested feature on [Meta's] roadmap." Currently, avatars in the Horizon Worlds metaverse have no legs and their bodies just float above the ground. However, towards the end of 2022, the characters will have fully functioning legs, Meta said.

Zuckerberg explained that "legs are hard" and it has been challenging for a VR headset to accurately estimate where such parts of the human body like elbows or legs actually are. According to him, the company decided not to add legs at launch because they are quite difficult to implement in VR so legless avatars helped them avoid serious bugs.

Following this leg announcement, people on social media started to mock Meta's decision to give Horizon World's avatars legs now. Some people were surprised that Horizon Worlds initially did not have legs at all and that they will be added only in 2022, while others noted that it was rather strange to make a separate announcement about this new "feature" giving such importance to legs.

Some social media users noticed that only two people in the demonstration video, including Zuckerberg, have legs while people in the background still do not have them jokingly suggesting that "metalegs" are "only granted at a certain level of seniority."

A number of memes and jokes have also appeared online mocking the company's decision to make a separate announcement on the addition of legs.

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