Persona 3 Reload's Dev on Creating the Game & Making It Feel "Nostalgic Yet New"

"Good things do not get old with time, and greatness does not fade away." 

Image credit: ATLUS, Persona 3 Reload

Atlus, the developer behind Persona 3 Reload, has recently spoken with PC Gamer and shared details about the development process behind the newly launched game.

During the interview, Kazuhisa Wada, Persona's General Producer, touched upon the reasons for the team's decision to remake the Persona 3 game even though Persona 3 Portable was released last year. According to Wada, it was important for the team to bring this stellar story reborn for the modern audience with cutting-edge graphics and gameplay.

"Good things do not get old with time, and greatness does not fade away. So I thought it was necessary not only for us, but also for posterity, to keep the story and game experience of Persona 3 in a state where it could be enjoyed with today's specs – Persona 5 Royal level – and hardware," shared Wada.

Wada also mentioned that the studio aimed to ensure that fans of the original game would appreciate the updated version. The team tried to create a balance between nostalgia and innovation, so they approached any necessary changes from the original content with great care, meticulously considering how to introduce the alterations. 

"Basic character designs and designs based on historical settings – eg, cell phones – are areas where we wanted to stay true to the original," he said to PC Gamer. "As for revisions and minor adjustments, we tried to keep the original impression of Persona 3 to be natsukashiku mo atarashii [nostalgic yet new], and to give it a fresh rewrite of the present." 

Image credit: ATLUS, Persona 3 Reload

In the reimagining of Persona 3, one of the major contrasts compared to the original is the increased screen time given to the Strega villains, as their members were more prominently featured. Wada thinks that by expanding this storyline, the creators of Reload were able to more effectively communicate the true essence and ideology of the villains, giving fans of the series a sense of "catharsis."

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