Planet Zoo Gone Wrong in This Chilling Horror Game

Will you be able to survive against mutant animals in Zoochosis?

I loved Zoo Tycoon when I was a child, and might equally enjoy Planet Zoo if I ever get to it. Taking care of animals was my favorite part, so Zoochosis might be next on my list of curious games as you feed, clean, and just love creatures there. The issue is it's not as innocent as you might think. There is a mysterious issue with the inhabitants and you need to fix it or die trying.

In this bodycam horror simulator, you play as a night zookeeper. A terrible disease has struck your wards, making them turn into monstrous mutants, and you need to save the survivors and hold on to your own life.

Image credit: Clapperheads

Identify infected mutant animals, make a vaccine, and cure them, just don't forget that you might also become a victim. Solve this mystery, choose who to save, and remember: your decision will impact the ending. If you live long enough, of course.

Image credit: Clapperheads

Zoochosis doesn't have a release date yet, but it looks interesting from what I've seen. Spider-like giraffes, kangaroos with two toothy mouths, and other bizarre monsters sound like something I'd love to see. There is no guarantee the game looks the same as its trailer, but I'm looking forward to it.

Image credit: Clapperheads

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