Player Meets Surprising Guest on 33rd New Game+ in Starfield

So this is the "twist" Todd Howard was talking about.

Back in August, Todd Howard mentioned a "unique and exciting twist" you can find in Starfield on New Game+ but he refused to elaborate then. Now, we know what it is thanks to a player known as Niko on X/Twitter. 

New Game+ slightly changes the world around, motivating you to continue playing. On their 33rd NG+, Niko met a surprising visitor: their own character from the very first universe. Everyone seemed shocked by the sudden encounter. Sarah Morgan even asked if the two were twins.

According to the player, this familiar guest has the same stats from the first playthrough and a detailed past you can ask about. But it's not just an empty shell: the character is curious about you, your history, and your old universe. Niko's double even wanted to introduce them to her parents – a very nice touch after so many new games.

Nice, but do you really have to finish Starfield so many times to get to recruit your first character? Apparently, this could happen at any time randomly, so breathe out and go start a new run!

Starfield is a popular game loved by many but not everyone. Recently, Bethesda's developers were found defending the game in the comments on Steam as players didn't appreciate its mechanics and gameplay. Perhaps this New Game+ twist will endear some of them.

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