Players Critisize Blizzard for Being Too Greedy After the Studio Put a $30 Tag for Diablo 4's Portal Colors

"You can get Palworld for this price."

Image credit: Blizzard, Diablo 4

Blizzard's recent release of multi-colored portals in Diablo 4 has faced lots of criticism from players. The community isn't really happy with the high price tag of $30 for these portals, saying that it's nearly half the cost of the full game.

The Dark Pathways bundle offers five portal colors, each representing a different class available in Diablo 4: orange, green, purple, yellow, and blue. Along with the colors, those who buy the $30 bundle also receive 1,000 Platinum, a premium currency that can be used to buy other cosmetic items.

Players were not only taken aback by the steep price of the portal color set but also by the limited availability of just one color per class.

Well, as some explain, the reason behind this lies in the specific animations that accompany each portal. For instance, the blue portal designed for a Sorcerer features a subtle lightning effect, while the purple portal for a Rogue showcases a shadowy curtain, and so on.

"I mean, Blizzard isn't stupid. The stupid person is the one who buys them", wrote Spoksparkare.

"Blizzard are just ripping off their die hard fans and don't care," said PrincipleLazy3383.

While many players criticize Blizzard, others think that the portal colors are developed pretty well, but anyway, they wouldn't waste that much money on them, adding that "you can get Palworld for this price".

What do you think about the situation? Would you buy portal colors with a $30 price tag?

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