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Posing ZBrush Characters with Reallusion's AccuRIG and Pose Tools

Learn to pose your characters using the ZBrush CC Pose Manager and AccuRIG in Character Creator 4.

Check out this CC to ZBrush Posing Pipeline tutorial series co-developed by Reallusion, Maxon, and ZBrushGuides. Embark on an educational journey as the host of the series and founder of ZBrushGuides, Pablo Munoz Gomez guides you through the round-trip process between ZBrush and Character 4 (CC4) – from concept art and auto-rigging to applying a wide range of ZBrush poses.

Learn to quickly and artistically pose your ZBrush characters using the ZBrush CC Pose Manager and the advanced features of AccuRIG in Character Creator 4. "Break free of the uninspired t- and a-poses that keep your character looking incomplete and have them ready for animation at a moment’s notice."

You’ll need the latest edition of Character Creator (version 4.2) and install the ZBrush CC Pose Manager plugin in ZBrush.

The full “CC to ZBrush Posing Pipeline” will be announced in May via the Reallusion Magazine, Forum and YouTube channel.  

Pro tips of this tutorial:

  1. Creating thumbnail sketches.
  2. Working from Silhouettes.

Pro tips of this tutorial:

  1. One-Click Base Mesh Transfer from CC4 to ZBrush.
  2. Getting your characters ready for sculpting in ZBrush.

Pro tips of this tutorial:

  1. How to polish the rough 3D sculpt.
  2. Maintaining a clean topology while adding details to your character in ZBrush.

In this video, you will learn to master rigging, posing, and how to navigate the trickiest processes within ZBrush with the assistance of Character Creator 4. See how you can benefit from this seamless GoZ round-trip process to turn 3D sculpts into animated characters.

Pro tips of this tutorial:

  1. Auto-rigging with CC AccuRIG in Character Creator 4.
  2. How to use Midpoint Placement for the wrists and the fingers.

Having completed the hardest stage of the process in the prior video with the use of Character Creator 4 AccuRIG, Pablo demonstrates the refinement process that follows. Along the way, you will learn to deal with hard surface objects and skin-weight painting.

Pro tips of this tutorial:

  1. How to edit poses in Character Creator 4
  2. How to send poses to ZBrush
  3. Skin-weighting for hard surfaces

Pro tips of this tutorial:

  1. How to create multiple poses instantly with CC to ZBrush Posing Pipeline.
  2. How to prepare CC4 rigs for posing in ZBrush.
  3. How to tweak and edit the poses in ZBrush with CC to ZBrush Posing Pipeline.

You can download the early access version here

Pro tips of this tutorial:

  1. Workflow overview from ZBrush to Character Creator 4.
  2. Going beyond the a-pose and wrap-up.

See the detailed guide here. 

Pablo Munoz Gomez is a renowned 3D concept and character artist, with a passion for education. 3D sculpting, visual development, and other mixed-media form the pillars of his artistic pursuits, which he channels through the various platforms that he owns, including ZBrush Guides, 3D Concept Artist Academy, and the 3D Snippets project. 

Check out the ZBrush CC Pose Manager plug-in and Character Creator, visit Reallusion, and don't forget to join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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