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Postmortem: The Development Process Behind X-COM UFO Defense

Today, let's travel back in time a few years and have a look at Julian Gollop's comprehensive GDC 2013 session dedicated to one of the most iconic retro games.

With Epic Games' original 1998 Unreal celebrating its 25th anniversary, there's no better moment to travel back in time a couple of decades and reminisce about the old-school classics that many of us used to play during the golden days of childhood.
One such game that many "90s kids" remember quite fondly is the original X-COM: UFO Defense, a.k.a. UFO: Enemy Unknown, developed by Mythos Games and published by MicroProse all the way back in 1994. Quickly acquiring a cult following, Mythos' sci-fi strategy would eventually give birth to the renowned X-COM series, including six original titles and Firaxis' reimagined ones, labeled XCOM.

To better understand the production process behind the game that started the franchise, let's return to the 2013 Game Developers Conference and watch an incredible presentation shared by the father of the series Julian Gollop, who detailed the history of the X-COM's first title and explained how X-COM: UFO Defense came to be. You can check out the full GDC session attached above or by clicking this link.

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