Quick Tips on Creating Stunning Animations in Cinema 4D

Clément Morin shares short tutorials on various C4D tools and shows how to create procedural trees, add lights, and imitate wind effects using the app.

Clément Morin makes quick and easy-to-understand mini-breakdowns of the viewers' favorite creations. In just a few steps the artist shows what tools were used to create a particular piece or effect. 

For example, all you need to do to recreate the gorgeous fairytale-like twisted truck is to create a landscape primitive, increase height, clone vegetation assets, randomize rotation and size, twist and bend the tree, displace the trunk, and play with seed until you get the desired look. 

Probably one of the most mesmerizing tutorials is the one explaining how the underwater swirl of fish was created. To make the beautiful corridor of fish swimming in circles, the artist used the X-Particles system. However, Clément emphasizes that there is more than one way to create an effect you want and in this case, you can also use the standard emitter and a rotator instead of the vortex modifier.

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