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Raise Towering Cities In This Card-based Building Roguelite

Lead expeditions to gather resources, construct metropolises, and reach for the sky with each city in Vertical Kingdom, a roguelite that mixes cities and cards.

The world of Vertical Kingdom is devastated by a war that lasted for an entire generation, leaving the once great Empire in shambles. It's now up to the player, the Great Architect to rebuild toward its former glory brick by brick.

Vertical Kingdom uses a card-based system. Pick five decks each turn, then play the cards to build upwards, and manage resources like food, water, bricks, wood, stone, and metal, all needed to ensure the city has room to grow and play new cards. The catch is, obviously, that you can only build vertically.

As the Great Architect, your job is to rebuild the Empire, one building and one region at a time.

Travel the land, undertake randomized, roguelite-style expeditions to raise new cities in the Emperor's name, and deal with the challenges of each region: treacherous terrain, resource shortages, and ever-limited building space.

Image Credits: Farlight Games Industry, Vertical Kingdom

Image Credits: Farlight Games Industry, Vertical Kingdom

Image Credits: Farlight Games Industry, Vertical Kingdom

Image Credits: Farlight Games Industry, Vertical Kingdom

Planning is everything. In Vertical Kingdom, every card played and every building decision is permanent with no redos. As you plan around and produce more resources for rebuilding the Empire, there might be something evil lurking in the ruins you would need the locals to help you deal with it.

Vertical Kingdom is available on PC and has just been released on Steam, so get it here. We also highly recommend to follow the developer Farlight Games Industry on X/Twitter so as not to miss any future game updates and announcements.

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