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Remedy Launches Limited Edition Alan Wake Thermos

Some fans applauded the creative and tasteful marketing move, while others expressed disappointment that the developer prioritized producing a physical thermos instead of a physical version of Alan Wake 2.

Remedy Entertainment and Finnish lighting company Airam have joined forces to introduce a special edition item inspired by the popular video game series Alan Wake. As part of the upcoming launch of Alan Wake 2, they have revealed the Oh Deer Diner thermos bottle, a collectible representing an iconic item from the game.

Fans of the Alan Wake series will remember the importance of the thermos bottle, as discovering 100 hidden thermos bottles in the original game rewarded players with an achievement. In Alan Wake 2, the thermos takes on an even more significant role.

The special thermos is set to arrive ahead of Alan Wake 2's launch, in September 2023, and will be available for purchase on Remedy's storefront.

While the Oh Deer Diner thermos serves as an excellent example of tastefully designed video game merchandise, subtly referencing the game instead of overtly advertising it, the news of its release has garnered mixed reactions from fans.

Some fans expressed dissatisfaction and questioned the priorities of Remedy. They voiced their preference for the developer to focus on delivering a physical version of Alan Wake 2 when it launches later this year, rather than investing in a physical version of the thermos.

After the announcement of Alan Wake 2 during the May PlayStation Showcase, Remedy announced that the much-anticipated sequel would exclusively have a digital release, explaining that this decision was made in order to maintain the game's price below $70.

Following the announcement, THQ Nordic expressed a potential interest in collaborating to produce a disc version of Alan Wake 2 for PC. However, this gesture did not do much to appease the numerous fans who were disappointed by the absence of a physical release.

To be fair, although the news of the merchandise launch received some negative feedback, there were also those who expressed their appreciation for the creative marketing move. 

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