Remedy Says Alan Wake 2's Co-Lead Will Amplify Horror in the Game

According to the studio, the addition of a second protagonist allowed the team to create "by far the darkest version" of Alan Wake 2.

Last week during PlayStation Showcase, Remedy Entertainment unveiled a brand new trailer for Alan Wake 2 revealing the title's gameplay, showcasing its eerie environments, and presenting the game's new playable character, Saga Anderson.

During a recent interview with GameSpot, the Remedy team delved deeper into the sequel's development and shed light on the team's decision to introduce a second protagonist to Alan Wake 2.

According to the creative director Sam Lake, Remedy has been actively exploring numerous iterations of Alan Wake 2, and the concept of incorporating multiple playable characters emerged "a few versions ago."

"We wanted to be really, really ambitious with the story. So having multiple points of view in the story, and having more tonal shifts with that, just felt like the right way to go," Lake said. "And out of that, Saga Anderson's character was born. Even though this is called Alan Wake 2, this is just as much a Saga Anderson game. They are very much at the heart of the story – both of them."

The team has emphasized that as players progress through the game, they will gradually unravel the importance of Anderson's involvement in the plot and her reasons for investigating the mysterious murders in Bright Falls.

"Once you start playing it, it makes sense why she appears and why she needs to be there," Melanie Liburd, the actress who provided the voice and physical appearance for Saga Anderson, explained. "Because she does need to be there. Alan needs Saga, and Saga needs Alan. And that is the main thing that fans will understand when they see her."

Lake added that, just like Alan in the original game, players will develop a greater understanding of Saga by delving into her inner thoughts. However, while Alan's inner voice was reflective and storytelling, narrating the horror story in hindsight, Saga's inner voice will be more contemporaneous, allowing players to experience her thoughts in real-time during her investigation.

Additionally, Lake highlighted that with Anderson playing a crucial role, the sequel will explore the horror genre, incorporating occult and mystical elements inspired by the X-Files, rather than solely focusing on being a psychological thriller.

According to him, the inclusion of a second protagonist enabled the team to create "by far the darkest version" of Alan Wake 2 as Saga, who has faced gruesome crimes and has the ability to confidently immerse herself in challenging situations, was the perfect character to intensify the story's darkness.

Still, Lake emphasized that Anderson would not be portrayed in the game as a "superhero." According to him, she, like Alan, is an ordinary person who has never encountered such horrors before, making her journey all the more compelling and relatable.

The first "raw" gameplay footage of Alan Wake 2 is set to premiere on June 8 during the Summer Game Fest. The game is scheduled for release on October 17 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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