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Roblox Becomes Blender's Official Supporter by Joining Its Development Fund

"Blender is one of the most commonly used tools by the Roblox creator community."

Stefano Corazza, the Founder of Mixamo and the current head of Roblox Studio, the toolset Roblox developers use to create their experiences, has issued a statement unveiling the new collaboration between Roblox and The Blender Foundation.

As revealed in the announcement, Roblox now financially supports Blender by becoming the foundation's Development Fund's Corporate Silver member, committing to an annual contribution of €12,000 to support the "continuity and quality" of the renowned open-source 3D software. According to Corazza, Blender stands out as a widely employed tool within the Roblox creator community, and the team looks forward to seeing closer integration driving high-quality content creation on the Roblox platform.

"Blender is the most popular external tool used by Roblox's creator community today. Every day, thousands of creators import vivid and detailed 3D content from tools like Blender into their Roblox experience," commented Corazza (via BlenderNation). "We are thrilled to be supporting the Blender Foundation's work delivering world-class 3D tooling and are excited to see closer integration continue to drive high-quality creation on Roblox. Roblox also presents a fantastic opportunity for the Blender Community to find new opportunities for their creativity by creating and selling 3D avatar items for rich immersive 3D experiences."

Last year, the Roblox team also shipped an open-source add-on for Blender that lets one upload 3D models to Roblox without leaving Blender, iterate on these models in Blender, and see updates translate to Roblox nearly instantaneously. You can learn more and download the add-on by clicking this link.

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