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Satisfying Hand Macro Control Rig Made With Blender

Animator Dillon Goo shared a WIP of an amazing controller to pose the whole hand with a single bone.

Dillon Goo, founder of an animation studio known for Goo Engine, a public custom build of Blender designed specifically for 3D art in anime style, has shared a teaser of their new rigging tool, a fantastic hand macros to manipulate the whole pose with one bone.

Based on Action Constraints, this method is particularly great for further refining or for poses where hands aren't the focus of the shot, including common relaxed poses, when it's much more convenient to have one controller instead of manually posing ten fingers.

For anyone who wants to study this setup, check out this Miles Morales Spider-Man rig made by Sebs, who collaborated with Dillon on this technique. It comes with custom pivot controls, IK fingers, custom UI, animatable eyes, and is completely free and ready to be used in your personal projects.

If you're interested in Dillon's rigs, a while ago DillonGoo Studios released a fully featured anime-style rig, including a full-body 3D character model, a complete character face and body rig plus Lip Sync. Moreover, the model supports real-time shading and includes a custom Normals solution for animation.

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