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Scatter 5 for Blender Released

New features include flow map support, view-based optimization, manual placement tools, placing items according to ID maps, and biomes, with 80 biomes, made out of 180 various assets, available in the pack.

BD3D has released Scatter 5 – a new iteration of the Blender scattering plugin. The new version features ID maps, which support multiple scatter-users per texture at the same time and allows controlling multiple scatter from one painting layer. Another novelty is Scatter 5 manual mode, which enables users to paint instances like on a canvas.

This version also introduces Abiotic Factors – all the terrain features that can influence the scatter system, which is important to give credibility and realism to the virtual world.

Scatter 5 has new rotation and scale settings, making it complete and precise and allowing the user to have total control over the process.

Moreover, the creators call Scatter 5 interactive as "there are numerous new features in Scatter 5 where the scattered instances can interact with chosen objects." In addition to this, the plugin offers multiple optimization features, allowing artists to remove instances out of FOV, add distance culling effects, display instances as placeholder only in the viewport, and more.

The update has made scattering easier and more flexible, with its advanced instancing, better clump distribution, and dynamic environments with biomes that can influence one another.

The plugin has a wind-wave feature, creating the wind in the scattered instances. It can also read generated or painted flowmap information and allow using a flowmap to influence instances tilt or tangent direction.

According to BD3D, one of the most effective ways to work with Scatter 5 is to use the biome system, which makes scattering to be done automatically. Scatter 5 includes a starter pack of 80 biomes, made out of 180 various assets. You can check the plugin out on Blender Market. Scatter 5 is available for Blender 3.0+. The personal license costs $99, Team License – $299. Also, don't forget to join our new Reddit pageour new Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we are sharing breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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