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See Obdisian's Next RPG Avowed in Its New Trailer

Can you get to the roots of the Dream Scourge?

Avowed, Obsidian Studios' upcoming fantasy RPG, shines bright in its fresh story trailer revealed at the Xbox Games Showcase. You are an envoy to the mysterious Living Lands, plagued by the Dream Scourge, a disease that might run deeper than you expect.

"As an envoy of Aedyr, you are sent to investigate rumors of a spreading plague with a secret that threatens to destroy everything. Can you save the island and your soul from the forces threatening to tear them apart?"

The video hints at three possible routes you can take in dealing with the rot. Will you destroy it, find the cause, or cater to it? You will decide when the game is launched later this year. 


Avowed is combat-based and won't let you be a pacifist (but we all know players will find a way). You can't woo anyone but you can explore the world of Eora, first introduced in the Pillars of Eternity. The beauty of the scenery will be brought to you by Unreal Engine 5.3.

While the trailer mentioned the release window only, Obsidian might have accidentally revealed the exact date in a post.

"Since we saw you at the Xbox Developer Direct this past January, we’ve been busy with Avowed getting it ready for release on November 12, 2024. Today, we’re thrilled to have revealed our first-ever story trailer at Xbox Games Showcase 2024, and to talk with you more about what we’ve shared," said the now-altered text.

Now you know what day to save, unless Obsidian changes its plans.

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