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Shadow Jumping Platformer SCHiM Has Finally Received A Release Date

Leap from one shadow to the next as a lost creature trying to reunite with its human counterpart in this beautiful abstract puzzle game mixing elements of light, shadow, and animation.

For those unaware, SCHiM is a relaxing shadow-jumping 3D platformer, inspired by made-up childhood games like avoiding stepping on the cracks in the pavement or only stepping on the lines at a crossing.

SCHiM follows the story of a person losing their shadow, where you take the role of the shadow or a schim set on the journey to reunite with its human companion. In this beautiful abstract world inspired by real places in the Netherlands, each level has its own scenery with small stories.

It's also pretty hard to forget the visual style of SCHiM once you've seen it. Last year, we talked to Ewoud van der Werf about creating the game's aesthetics, level design, and core mechanics, so check it out if you want to get an inside look at the SCHiM's production.

Check out some new gameplay clips shared by the developer below:

While Ewoud van der Werf announced that SCHiM would launch on all platforms a while ago, we've never had a release date until now. SCHiM is finally jumping out of the shadows on July 18 and will be available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5, and Xbox One.

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