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Solve Timeless Philosophical Problems in This Unusual Simulator

How many people will you run over?

You've most likely heard of the trolley problem: there is a runaway trolley and two tracks – one with five people and the other with only one. If you could change the transport's direction, would you choose to sacrifice one person or leave it be so it kills five? It's hard to make a decision in this hypothetical situation, but what if you had a simulation in front of you?

If you'd like to see what happens and you enjoy famous philosophical problems, you need Thought Experiment Simulator. As the name suggests, it offers a collection of thought-provoking dilemmas drawn for better understanding.

Image credit: HoHo Game Studio

Will seeing poor fellas tied on the tracks help you come to a better conclusion? Perhaps. But even if not, this "hilariously twisted adventure" will definitely make you exercise your gray matter.

"Engage in simulations of well-known experiments like the trolley problem, infinite monkey, brain in a vat, and more, all while experiencing a comedic and darkly humorous take on these mind-bending scenarios."

Image credit: HoHo Game Studio

The developer HoHo Game Studio invites you to explore the questions of morality, consciousness, and reality. There are three modes where you can do it: the sim mode has no goals or time limits, the challenge mode limits you in some way, and the story mode shows how different philosophers would answer the questions.

Image credit: HoHo Game Studio

This point-and-click simulator with a funny black-and-white art style will definitely make you think. If it sounds like something you'd enjoy, check out the demo and wishlist Thought Experiment Simulator on Steam.

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