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Stack Anything With This Transformative Blender Tool

Perfect for game developers and 3D artists, this tool offers a suite of powerful Geometry Nodes that allow you to organize and stack various objects with precision and flexibility.

Have you ever needed to quickly fill the fruit basket or stack a bookshelf for your 3D scene? Check out Blender 4 Geo Stacker, a new tool by 3D Tudor, designed to revolutionize your workflow in Blender without the use of particles or simulations.

It's a game-changer for any project involving detailed scene composition, efficiently handling everything from stacking crates in a cluttered warehouse to arranging books on a library shelf, all within Blender's Geometry Nodes.

Image Credits: 3D Tudor

The Basic Stacker is designed to layer objects from leaves to architectural elements with precise control, relying on direct manipulations within the Geometry Node framework to ensure efficiency and ease of use, enabling users to adjust the gap, scale, and rotation to suit the artistic vision.

Create unique and detailed library interiors in seconds with the Book Stacker, arranging books using Geometry Nodes instead of complex simulations, setting the physical dimensions of each book, and introducing randomness for a more organic result.

The Crate Stacker is your solution for visualizing realistic packed warehouses, market scenes, or decorative crates for in-game environments, avoiding traditional particle systems and allowing you to adjust object sizes, gaps, and quantities with ease.

Image Credits: 3D Tudor

Key features of Blender 4 Geo Stacker:

  • Diverse stacking options, from simple arrangements to complex, layered configurations, adapting to any need
  • Lightweight and efficient, keeping your workflow smooth and responsive
  • Enhanced customizability, allowing to adjust the physical properties and placement of items
  • Non-destructive workflow, maintaining a flexible modeling process where adjustments can be made at any point without starting over
  • Seamless integration, designed to fit perfectly into Blender's existing toolset

Image Credits: 3D Tudor

Image Credits: 3D Tudor

Imagine all the different projects you could create: from designing virtual interiors to enhancing game environments, quickly populating scenes with objects that are both performance-friendly and visually compelling.

Blender 4 Geo Stacker supports Blender 3.5 and above and is available at Blender Market, Gumroad, and ArtStation starting at $4.99.

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