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The Blender Foundation Releases Blender 4.1.1 & LTS Updates

This corrective release focuses on addressing 4.1's issues and comes with 58 bug fixes, as well as introduces new versions of Blender LTS 3.3 and Blender LTS 3.6 branches.

Image Credits: Blender 4.1

Following the release of a long-awaited and the biggest update in a whole year, Blender 4.1, which introduced new Geometry Nodes, hierarchical structure for Bone Collections, enhanced Compositor, and more, The Blender Foundation shipped Blender 4.1.1, a corrective release, focusing entirely on fixing 4.1's and 4.0's issues.

Blender's long-term support program aiming at ensuring that long-lasting projects can be executed via a stable Blender version has also introduced two new releases, Blender LTS 3.6.11 and Blender LTS 3.3.18, featuring 8 and 7 fixes.

Image Credits: Piotr Krynski, Scans Island

Here's the full list of issues fixed with the Blender 4.1.1 release:

  • Active curve vertex/spline not visualizing properly
  • Anim properties are not highlighted in tree view
  • Anim: fix animation paths when renaming bone collections 
  • Anim/Drivers on Bone Collections created in 4.0 break in 4.1
  • Area lamp artifacts in Cycles with light trees
  • Attach to root panel if new parent is null
  • Baking simulation only bakes a single frame
  • Cage face normals overlay always draws original normals
  • Crash reading large jpeg
  • Crash rendering in sculpt mode with multires active
  • Crash rendering when using OptiX and Grease Pencil on recent drivers
  • Crash selecting in mask editor
  • Crash when baking during animation
  • Crash with single point NURBS curve
  • Custom group node remains undefined after registering node type
  • Cycles NEE not excluding self-intersection
  • Cycles render issue with light tree and light-linking
  • Cycles: Properly default to Metal-RT off unless the GPU is an M3 or newer
  • Duplicate auto smooth modifier added by versioning in one case
  • Enabling "Distribute memory between devices" for Cycles results in an error
  • Escape property name when keying
  • File Output node always has inputs of type Color
  • File Output node has the wrong BW output
  • File rename fails on Mac with certain filesystems
  • Fix buffer overflow from passing undersized buffers to BLI_path_abs
  • Fix buffer overflow with BLI_str_format_uint64_grouped
  • Fix error copying a Grease Pencil strokes fill opacity
  • Fix sizeof(sizeof(...)) passed to BLI_path_slash_ensure
  • Flip node produces artifacts
  • Geometry Nodes: Avoid repeated node tools lookup when empty
  • glTF Exporter: Crash exporting instanced collection when lamp option is enabled
  • Invert Visible doesn't invert Face Sets properly
  • Keying Set export fails in Python
  • Many Outliner operators crash running without a region
  • Mask property keyframes missing when reloading the file
  • Memory leak in volume grid handling
  • NLA stack decomposition doesn't work with bones
  • Object transform ignored for shrinkwrap and flat shading
  • Over-allocation in multires sculpt undo nodes
  • Performance regression when adding output attribute
  • Persistent state not set when disabling add-ons
  • Remove cyclic dependency of PBVH type when building BMesh PBVH
  • Remove from Vertex Group operator broken
  • Remove links to and from unsupported socket types
  • Sculpt paint crash after converting the active color attribute
  • Sculpting is slow with modifier with driver
  • Set Object runtime matrices to identity when loading 4.2 files
  • Texture paint sampling broken with modifiers
  • UI List search broken when class names >32 chars
  • Undoing a rename while in edit mode crashes Blender
  • Unhandled empty Optional in 'bounds_min_max()'
  • Unkeyable custom properties receive keyframes
  • USD animated primvar import
  • USD Cache file operators now recognize USD as well as Alembic
  • UV Sync-select selects faces instead of just edges
  • Video output artifacts due to threaded YUV conversion
  • VSE crash rendering a scene strip with missing Editing data
  • Wrong node selection after duplicating node

Get Blender 4.1.1 here and click this link to learn more about new LTS releases. Also, don't forget to join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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