The Developer of Arma Has Presented a New Engine

The newly-introduced Enfusion Engine will power Bohemia Interactive's future games.

A Czech game studio Bohemia Interactive, known to most as the developer of the Arma series, has officially presented for the first time their new game engine, Enfusion. According to the studio, Enfusion Engine has been under development at Bohemia Interactive for 4 years, despite it being conceived back in 2014. Currently, there is a team of 30 developers involved in its development.

In addition to enhancing the studio's games with a modern audiovisual look, the Enfusion engine supports multiplatform use, enabling simultaneous development of games for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, improves user-friendliness for players, thanks to the Enfusion Workbench toolkit, and comes with superior support for mod creators. The engine also comes with full DirectX 12 support.

"We founded Bohemia Interactive 22 years ago, we’ve always chosen to use our own in-house engine. No other engine available on the market allowed us to create the kind of games we wanted," comments Marek Španěl, Founder and CEO of Bohemia Interactive. "Nothing has changed about that. However, our aging Real Virtuality engine, used in Arma 3, for example, has increasingly run up against its technological limits. Enfusion, on the other hand, is ready to face the technological challenges of the future and will without exaggeration form the shape of our games into the next decade.”

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