These Concepts of No Rest for the Wicked Could be Used for Dark Souls and No One Would Suspect a Thing

The new game from Ori developers shapes to be much darker than expected.

Image credit: Moon Studios

Last year, Moon Studios, the developer of the Ori series, announced No Rest for the Wicked, a dynamic action RPG "set to reinvent the genre." While you could immediately see that it would be a lot darker than the team's previous works, these new concepts (provided for GameSpot) prove it's an understatement. The enemy designs are especially curious. If someone told me these creatures were from Dark Souls or Elden Ring, I wouldn't doubt it even for a second.

Image credit: Moon Studios

Odd human-like shapes, a caged creature, and a horse-spider mutant all belong to some dark fantasy, and this is what Moon Studios aims for. The environment art reminds me of several classic CRPGs, which is certainly a sharp turn from Ori.

Image credit: Moon Studios

"The year is 841 – King Harol is dead. As word of his death echoes throughout the kingdom, the crown passes to his arrogant, yet untested son Magnus.

Even worse, the Pestilence, an unholy plague not seen for a thousand years, has returned. It sweeps across the land, corrupting everything and everyone it touches. Madrigal Seline, a ruthlessly ambitious figure in the church, sees the Pestilence as a chance to prove herself in the eyes of her god."

Image credit: Moon Studios

Image credit: Moon Studios

You will be able to experience these images soon: No Rest for the Wicked will be released in early access on April 18.

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