This AI System Translates Language Into Games

This tech might be the future of game design where creators don't have to spend time on coding anymore. 

Have a look at an improved version of OpenAI Codex, an AI system that can turn simple texts into games. The developers have already released it through their API in private beta. The team states that the model allows interpreting simple commands in natural language and execute them on the user’s behalf.

The algorithm is based on both natural language and billions of lines of source code from publicly available sources. "OpenAI Codex is most capable in Python, but it is also proficient in over a dozen languages including JavaScript, Go, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Swift and TypeScript, and even Shell," states the official page. "It has a memory of 14KB for Python code, compared to GPT-3 which has only 4KB—so it can take into account over 3x as much contextual information while performing any task."

The demo shows, for example, that you can tell the model to create a ship and make it move in a specific way by simply writing a short sentence. The tech is rather simple of course but imagine the future possibilities here. This model can potentially be enhanced and used to program complex game worlds or save time on repetitive tasks like programming the behavior of NPCs. The model is not just about games so it can be used for all sorts of applications. 

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