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This FromSoftware Classic Titles-inspired FPS Is Made With GZDoom

Mohrta is an upcoming nonlinear GZDoom engine-based slow-paced FPS game with a peculiar art style and worldbuilding focusing on atmospheric exploration and drawing inspiration from old FromSoftware dungeon crawlers.

Developed by Scumhead and Osiol, Mohrta is an upcoming nonlinear first-person shooter with a focus on atmospheric exploration and is heavily inspired by games like Dark Souls and Shadow Tower Abyss. According to the developers, this game has a much slower pace than contemporary games, and the movement speed and enemy behavior were inspired by classic FromSoftware dungeon crawlers like King's Field and Shadow Tower.

If you're interested in dark fantasy FromSoftware-like aesthetics in a PS2 style, this one might be for you. And what's even cooler, this game is made with GZDoom engine, a 3D-accelerated port based on the Doom engine. It's perfect for retro and Doom-style projects, but the way the developers manage to make it handle this amount of complex 3D models moving around is truly impressive.

Check out some of the gameplay clips below:

Mohrta's environments are truly gorgeous:

The character designs are just as captivating. Here are some turnarounds of the in-game character models:

Both of the developers are active on X/Twitter and regularly share game WIPs, clips, and concept art:

While the game is far from being done, the developers aim for a Steam page and plan to have at least another year of development. We highly encourage you to follow Scumhead's X/Twitter account to not miss any future announcements and a chance to wishlist Mohrta on Steam.

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