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This Game Challenges Your Skills to Survive in Permafrost

However, you're not alone; both friends and a rescued dog accompany you on this journey.

Image Credit: SpaceRocket Games, Permafrost

If you're curious about the most popular game genres, survival games definitely deserve a mention. The biggest fun lies in actions to manage resources, explore, craft, and fight to stay alive. You typically start with next to nothing and have to hustle to find stuff, make tools, build a base, and hunt for grub and water.  

These games can take you anywhere, really. Some, like Fallout 4, put you right in the middle of a post-apocalyptic world. Others might drop you into a dense forest or jungle, or even some alien planet or outer space. But the game we're talking about today is set in the Permafrost, which is a never-ending winter wonderland. Or, just a little less wonder, and a lot more survival.

Image Credit: SpaceRocket Games, Permafrost

In the chilling wasteland known as the Permafrost, you'll embark on a ruthless journey of survival, navigating the remnants of civilization and enduring the relentless hunt for scarce resources. You'll need to adapt, scavenging, hunting rare animals, and using survival mechanics to craft your way through this brutal environment.

Managing available resources, like wood and upcycled materials, is critical to constructing shelters, cultivating food supplies, and developing technology that helps you thrive in this icy expanse. Your faithful canine companion, a rescued dog, serves as an early warning system, lending a paw with carrying items and alerting you to danger.

Image Credit: SpaceRocket Games, Permafrost

As you delve into the icy remnants of civilization, you'll uncover the secrets of the "shattering", looking for valuable resources and unraveling the mysteries of the past. Cold zones will test your resolve and skill in search of extra resources and potential loot. Arming yourself with primitive weapons or improvised firearms, you must defend against hostile enemies and natural predators in a relentless battle for survival.

Regardless of whether you decide to brave it alone or join forces with friends in online co-op, your ultimate goal remains the same: to survive and carve out an existence in this sub-zero environment.

Image Credit: SpaceRocket Games, Permafrost

There is no release date for the game yet, but you can follow the developer and publisher on Twitter for updates. We will certainly follow up on the game when more updates are provided in the future. And the most important thing, don't forget to wishlist it on Steam to be notified whenever it gets published.

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