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This Has To Be The Weirdest Way To Fix A Bug In A Video Game

You've heard of changing the compatibility mode and unplugging your graphic tablet, now get ready to set your computer's date back to 2012 to not crash into a tree.

Recently, a discussion surrounding some weird game workarounds listed on PCGamingWiki, an online encyclopedia of PC game fixes, was started on Twitter by VinciusMedeiro6, who shared about a hilarious bug in The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena that gets your saved files deleted if the game is left running and the computer goes into the screen saving mode, so the only solution to this would be not to leave your game inactive.

Something that was not included in the wiki, but is a truly bizarre bug fix, was brought to our attention by Glowsquid, who also runs a Super Mario Wiki. Apparently, in the flight simulator Dogfight 1942, the solution to trees not displaying on screen is to set your computer date to 2012.

Yes, if you've been crashing on levels where you have to land, it's because there are trees in this game.

The reason behind this absurd bug is unexpectedly simple and is basically a licensing issue. As explained in the Steam Discussion comments by supposedly one of the game's developers Jakub Majewski, it's an unfixable bug related to the SpeedTree plug-in expiration date that could be reportedly easily resolved by recompiling the game code:

"Basically, trees disappear, because we used an external plugin called SpeedTree to display them. Someone really messed up, and our SpeedTree was only enabled until the end of 2012. The game checks the system date, finds that you're past 2012, and SpeedTree refuses to work. It's a ridiculous bug :(. And it would take a whole five minutes to fix if there was anyone at CI Games who would be able to open the game's code, make the appropriate change, and recompile."

Other users have also shared some of their favorite funny bug fixes in the replies:

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  • Anonymous user

    Minecraft loading stuck on 47% ?!
    - Open a browser
    - go to YouTube
    - play any video and let it play
    - Start minecraft again


    Anonymous user

    ·a month ago·

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