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This Surreal PS1-Style JRPG Is Set In Alternative Medieval Slovakia

In Felvidek, a medieval fantasy RPG Maker game set in an alternative history region of Slovak Highlands, you take the role of an alcoholic knight Pavol tasked with investigating the arson of a nearby castle in a supernatural story revolving around the Hussites and Ottomans who blight this land.

There are very few video games quite like Felvidek out there⁠. Heavily inspired by PS1 and Famicom-era games with isometric medieval environments and realistically proportioned sprites, this combination of deliberately monotonous visuals, surreal plot, and sense of humor brings out an almost Earthbound level of aesthetics.

This land of alternative 15th-century Slovakia is ravaged by Hussite pillagers and Ottoman spies while surreal horrors dwell in the dark. It's now up to Pavol, a fair knight with alcohol problems, to gather a team to stop those who oppose his kingdom.

Image Credits: Jozef Pavelka, Felvidek

Image Credits: Jozef Pavelka, Felvidek

As Pavolo, you will traverse this hand-painted world to explore castles, settlements, and dungeons, unveiling secret doors and hidden passageways, gathering gear and supplies. Throughout the story, you will meet an eclectic cast of interesting characters, whether it be Catholics, Hussites, or even more sinister folk.

The combat system is a turn-based RPG one, although with no filler fights or grinding. Felvidek is rather short and can be completed in 2-3 hours.

Image Credits: Jozef Pavelka, Felvidek

Image Credits: Jozef Pavelka, Felvidek

Image Credits: Jozef Pavelka, Felvidek

Image Credits: Jozef Pavelka, Felvidek

Check out some gameplay clips below shared by the developer:

Not only Felvidek has a distinctive art style, it also features an original soundtrack by a Czech psychedelic band called Marcel Gidote's Holy Crab, which is actually available to pre-order:

The developer Jozef Pavelka often shares the game's progress, WIPs, sprites, and clips on his X/Twitter account. Interestingly enough, he revealed that the combat animations for Felvidek were made by rotoscoping his own hands:

The game has an English translation and is set to release on PC in just a couple of days on March 29, but you can check out the playable demo on the game's Steam page.

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