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This Unreal Engine 5-Based 3D Environment Has No Polygons

It also has no meshes and no texture maps, only volumetric data.

Principal VFX Artist and JangaFX Evangelist Jason Key, whose amazing experiments with EmberGen and the upcoming LiquiGen tools have made him a frequent guest here on 80 Level, has recently showcased something truly incredible – a fully-fledged realistic 3D jungle environment that has zero polygons.

Powered by Epic Games' Unreal Engine 5, the scene in question has no traditional meshes, no polygons, and no texture maps, using only volumetric data imported in NeRF and VDB formats.

According to the creator, the environment was set up using the UE5 project and NeRF data from TurboSquid, an online library of 3D models and tools, Luma AI's NeRF plug-in for Unreal Engine, shipped back in April, and the VDB tornado sequence from JangaFX's EmberGen, a real-time volumetric fluid simulation tool that allows users to simulate, render, and export flipbooks, image sequences, and VDB volumes.

As for performance, Jason noted that the scene runs at 40-120 FPS on NVIDIA's RTX 4090 GPU, varying widely based on viewpoint.

And here are some of Jason's most recent projects:

We highly encourage you to visit Jason's LinkedIn and Twitter page to check out more of the artist's awesome works and learn more about the capabilities of JangaFX's applications.

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  • TheUnreal Abyss

    Jungle? That's the rest of Madame Sherri's house in western New Hampshire. lol.


    TheUnreal Abyss

    ·10 months ago·

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