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Tutorial: Using Plask for Setting Up Character Animations

YouTuber askNK has explained how to set up character animation using Plask.

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Several weeks ago, we told you about Plask, an amazing web-based, AI-powered 3D animation editor and motion capture tool that allows you to seamlessly record, edit, and animate your projects without leaving your browser. With Plask, you can simply upload any videos or record motions with any camera directly on Plask to capture keyframes and the tool will automatically re-target, rig, and optimize the output on the editor.

A popular YouTuber Anselem Nkoro a.k.a. askNK has released a great new tutorial for those who wanted to learn more about Plask before trying it themselves. In this tutorial, askNK has shown how to load up a video you want to work with, explained how to extract motion from your videos, demonstrated how to set up character animations, and talked about exporting the animation into DCC software like Maya and Blender.

The YouTuber also talked about some of the problems Plask has, which the tool's developers should probably fix, like the lack of the "Undo" function. Overall, a great tutorial for beginning Character Artists. You can check out the tutorial attached above.

askNK is a fantastic YouTuber who makes tutorials about all things 3D. No matter what you want to learn more about – Blender, Maya, Unity, Unreal Engine, Character Art, or Adobe software – askNK has you covered. You can also check out our interview with the artist, in which Anselem told us about his career path, talked about maintaining a YouTube channel that covers various software, and explained how to learn a new tool by using associations.

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