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Ubisoft Removed The Crew from Players' Libraries

"You no longer have access to this game" is one of the most terrifying messages for a gamer.

Image credit: Ubisoft

Ubisoft's racing game The Crew was shut down on March 31, and while the company had warned users in advance, some players hoped they'd be able to enjoy the game even after its closure (and you can't blame them – they paid for it after all.)

However, users started reporting The Crew's disappearance from their libraries. Yes, the game's always-online policy meant all content, even single-player one, would be down, but some expected it to exist through private servers, as pointed out by Eurogamer. Alas, The Crew has been moved to the Inactive Games section, and players are now unable to download and install it. If they try, they get a message that says: "You no longer have access to this game. Why not check the Store to pursue your adventures?"

If you want to launch the game from an existing install directory, you'll start it in demo mode only, according to reports, and Steam installations will request a game key.

Obviously, this decision was not popular among players. "With this move, Ubisoft seems to be begging for digital consumer protection legislation to be passed. In an ideal world, revoking a license like this should entitle the buyer to a refund," commented one Reddit user. 

Such practices basically strip people of any right to own the game – something Ubisoft thinks they should get comfortable with. In response to The Crew's shutdown announcement and other companies potentially adopting the strategy, YouTuber Ross Scott, also known as Accursed Farms, started a Stop Killing Games campaign trying to make Ubisoft accountable by filing a class-action lawsuit.

As for The Crew's removal from the libraries, Ubisoft pointed at its previous warning message. "While we understand this may be disappointing for players, it was necessary due to server infrastructure and licensing constraints."

If you also hate the decision, you can try to ask for a refund from PlayStation; it worked for one user, so might also work for you.

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