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Ubisoft's XDefiant Is Delayed Since It's Failed Console Certification

The creators of Ubisoft's XDefiant say that first, they need to fix compliance bugs, and then the game won't take long.

Ubisoft's XDefiant is a free-to-play first-person shooter game that offers players a diverse selection of factions and classes, each equipped with unique abilities and weapons. These factions draw inspiration from beloved Ubisoft franchises, such as the Phantoms from Ghost Recon and Echelon from Splinter Cell. Players have the freedom to select their faction and participate in 6v6 gunfights across a range of maps in a near-future United States setting.

Initially, the game was planned to be released in summer 2023. However, after failing Xbox and PlayStation certification tests, the game faced a new delay.

On September 11, 2023, Ubisoft published a post about the XDefiant release, where Mark Rubin described how the submission process goes.

According to Rubin, the certification process for XDefiant started in late July, and the development team received a Not Pass in mid-August. The game didn't pass certification due to compliance and functionality bugs that needed to be solved before its release on PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Ubisoft is actively working on fixing functionality bugs to ensure that XDefiant's gameplay features and shooting mechanics work properly as planned. Additionally, the platform holders will also address compliance bugs related to system features like trophies, friend list compatibility, and other platform-specific elements.

"Compliance bugs are ones that relate to the systems and overall experience that the first parties expect from games on their platform. (e.g., Are trophies being properly tracked, is my friend's list being properly updated with game status, etc.) After we get a Pass from all 1st parties, we are then ready to ship and need probably 1-2 weeks before launch depending on the date of the Pass. If we don't Pass, then we need to spend about a month fixing the issues that came up from the submission and repeat the above process," says Rubin.

Image credit: Ubisoft, XDefiant

He shared that Ubisoft has been fixing the bugs for three or four weeks and in less than two weeks they would try to go for another submission. If everything goes as planned, then they will be able to release XDefiant in early-to-mid October 2023. The game will be available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

"There is however a likely scenario where we get a conditional Pass meaning we have to do a Day 1 patch with some final fixes to ensure compliance. If we do need to do a Day 1 patch, then that pushes our date out to early/mid-October," stated Rubin.

If you want to read the official post by Ubisoft, you can follow the link. Also, some months ago, we reported about the numbers Ubisoft got after the Call of Duty release. At that time, the game reached 1 million users playing Call of Duty. Will Ubisoft's XDefiant beat Call of Duty after fixing the bugs? What do you think?

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