Unity Released Ziva Real-Time 2.0

It overhauls the documentation and adds new packages.

Ziva Dynamics, now part of Unity, released Ziva Real-Time 2.0, the latest version of the great AI tool for creating real-time 3D characters and realistic creature rigs.

In this release, the team overhauled the whole documentation and added two new packages: one containing sample assets with their training data and one with just the documentation.

The changes to the Trainer include:

  • Added support for Import and Export of zrtJob files in the zrtTrainer.
  • Implemented the corresponding python API commands importJob and exportJob.
  • Added the zrtTrainJob command line application for training from zrtJob files.
  • Removed the Open/Save project menu items and the saveProject python API function.
  • Removed support for the zrtTrainerProject file. Existing zrtTrainerProject files can still be opened using the deprecated loadProject python API function.
  • Added the ability to specify helper joints in the trainer’s UI. Previously it was only possible to do via Python API.
  • Updated the generateJointImpactMaps and generateExtraParameterImpactMaps python API function signatures to have the first argument be row instead of motion, to be consistent with the rest of the API.
  • Fixed trainer crashing when trying to save rigs to a non-existing path.
  • Removed the “Cheetah” asset from the “Demos” folder. This greatly reduces the Trainer package size.
  • Made the “Cancel” button the default one instead of “OK” in confirmation dialogs when trying to do destructive operations.

Unity also updated the Maya zrtPlayer and added support for Unreal Engine 5.2, making working with the software easier than ever.

Here is some information about Ziva Real-Time (previously ZivaRT) if you're interested in using it in your projects. You can use it on any characters made in DCC software like Maya, Houdini, 3ds Max, Marvelous Designer, and others. 

You then bring your character's Alembic file together with the FBX data into Ziva Real-Time Trainer, which deforms your character in real time using machine learning. The resulting ZRT file is surprisingly small –  under 30MB.

What you get from these manipulations is a real-time character that can be used in your favorite RT3D engines and Maya with Ziva Real-Time Players for Unity, Unreal Engine, and Maya.

"Ziva Real-Time enables dynamic learning, real-time shape reconstruction, and reduces time from minutes to milliseconds per frame. All machine learning data remains locally stored and inaccessible to Unity."

Ziva Real-Time has been used in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, so you can be sure it is a tool you can trust. The node-locked licenses cost $1,800/year, and floating licenses are $1,900/year.

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