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Unreal Engine 5.2 Goes Live

Download the new version of the engine to get access to the Procedural Content Generation framework, a novel Substrate feature, an upgraded virtual production toolset, and more.

Epic Games has officially released Unreal Engine 5.2, a new and improved version of their renowned game engine, first showcased back in March during its keynote session at GDC 2023.

The highlight of the release is the novel Procedural Content Generation framework, which includes both in-editor tools and a runtime component. According to the team, the PCG tools allow the user to define rules and parameters to populate large scenes with Unreal Engine assets, greatly accelerating the process of creating large worlds and making it more efficient and convenient. Please note that the feature is considered to be experimental and will be further improved over future releases.

Another cool feature UE5.2 brings to the table is Substrate, previously called Strata, a new way of authoring materials that gives you more control over the look and feel of objects used in real-time applications. When enabled, it replaces the fixed suite of shading models with a more expressive and modular multi-lobe framework that provides a greater range of surface appearances and a wider parameter space from which to work.

Furthermore, the release upgrades the engine's virtual production toolset, adding an intuitive touch-based interface for stage operations such as color grading, light card placement, nDisplay management tasks from anywhere within the LED volume, and more.

On top of that, Unreal Engine 5.2 comes with ML Deformer Sample, an interactive demo that allows you to explore how Unreal Engine machine learning technology can be used to create a high-fidelity real-time character for PC and consoles with deformations driven by full muscle, flesh, and cloth simulation.

Additionally, the update brings enhancements to Lumen and Nanite, upgrades the engine's Path Tracer and Virtual Textures, improves Shadow Rendering and the Material Editor, and much, much more. You can read the full list of improvements by clicking this link.

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