UVPackmaster 3.2.1 for Blender Improves Performance

There are also new features to enjoy.

Image credit: Glukoz

Glukoz has released UVPackmaster 3.2.1 for Blender, adding new functionality and improving the tool's performance.

The update introduced a new Tile Filling Method option, which provides a "significant boost" when packing a large number of islands into many tiles. It can be set to one of two values: Simultaneously and One By One. The first one is faster when packing thousands of islands into a lot of tiles, but if you don't have so many of them, both methods work similarly well.

Moreover, you can now specify the scale multiplier to be applied after normalization via the Normalize Scale option performed on a per-island basis. The multipliers can be larger than 100% for islands having higher priority. Be warned that this will replace the older Island Scale Limit feature.

Another novelty is a Check Holes option for the Border Shape similarity mode. It makes the Border Shape mode also take into account the shapes of inner along with outer holes when determining if two islands are similar.

Other changes include the ability to move the active target box in the box edit mode directly in the UV editor when pressing and holding the left mouse button, faster Select Similar work using multithreading, a new Short Island Operator Names UI option to make island parameter operator names shorter, and the maximum group number increased from 100 to 1000.

The upgrade is free for anyone with UVPackmaster 3. You can get a license for a single user for $44 here.

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