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V-Ray 6, Update 1 for C4D & Maya Has Been Released

The release brings a slew of new features to both packages, as well as some novelties exclusive to each version.

Chaos has announced the release of V-Ray 6, Update 1 for Cinema 4D and Maya, a new and improved version of its production renderer. Bringing lots of new features designed for faster scenes and ultimate creative control, the release gives both C4D and Maya packages new tools that will help creators to add millions of objects, disrupt physical lighting constraints, and produce photorealistic scenes faster than ever. Additionally, the update comes with some neat novelties exclusive to each version.

Here's a full list of new features V-Ray 6, Update 1 for Maya and Cinema 4D brings to the table:

  • Chaos Scatter: Quickly place natural and manmade objects into scenes in a believably randomized or patterned way in just a few clicks, without taxing your machine’s memory. 
  • Custom Light Decay: Determine exactly how you want light to behave based on the source distance.  Artists now have the freedom to alter a light’s intensity, hotspots, and spread/length of rays, opening artistic effects that diverge from physical norms.
  • Static mesh and hair optimizations: Now, you can get to first pixel 2.5 to 7x faster.
  • V-Ray Profiler integration and improvements: You’ll now find the V-Ray Profiler in V-Ray for Cinema 4D, and we’ve added even more metrics so you can ensure your pipeline is running smoothly.
  • NVIDIA AI Denoiser Upscaling: Lookdev and preview with NVIDIA’s new AI Denoiser and boost rendering speeds by over 3x. 
  • V-Ray Frame Buffer: Masking for Post Effects: Even more post-processing control in the V-Ray Frame Buffer. Decide which objects to apply lens effects to, which ones to blur, sharpen or even denoise — without re-rendering.
  • Compressed Textures Mode: Render texture-heavy scenes with V-Ray GPU in a more memory-efficient way. Save an average of 50% of your GPU memory, while adding additional levels of detail, all without sacrificing shading quality.
  • V-Ray Clipper Mesh Mode: Render complex cutaways and sections using any mesh object with V-Ray GPU. Rather than relying on Boolean operators, you can animate the clipper to achieve complex effects with just a few clicks.
  • Bump to Glossiness: This new node automatically generates the correct glossiness for normal-mapped surfaces at any distance to avoid characters’ skin looking too shiny. 
  • Enhanced Procedural Clouds: Cloud density, patterns, and new final touches with contrails can be used to create new, better-looking procedural skies. 

As for exclusives, V-Ray 6, Update 1 for Maya brings support for the latest versions of MayaUSD, Beauty and masking render elements, and V-Ray Object Properties. On top of that, Emissive materials can now be included in Light Selects or fine-tuned in Light Mix right in the V-Ray Frame Buffer. Moreover, Update 1 also includes support for both Maya 2024 and Apple Silicon processors.

V-Ray 6, Update 1 for Cinema 4D, on the other hand, offers a host of stylistic options, ranging from cel-shading to 2D cartoon effects and more. Support for native MoGraph Color Shaders has also been included, introducing the ability to randomly assign colors to objects or particles, and use effectors to colorize based on different criteria.

Additionally, the release brings cylindrical and bump upgrades to V-Ray Decal, allowing designers to easily add anything to curved surfaces. Additive bumps have also been added, so artists can blend surface and decal bumps to make highly realistic embossed logos, lettering, cracked paint, and more. 

Learn more about the release here. Also, don't forget to join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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