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What Happened to Command & Conquer: Generals 2?

Here’s a little look at the game, which never actually made it to retail.

Command & Conquer: Generals 2 is the game from the past. The game was announced back in 2011. This real-time strategy was developed by Victory Games – one of Electronic Arts sister studios. It was a relatively big company, which was part of BioWare (it was even called BioWare Victory) at one time and worked solely on Command and Conquer games. It seemed like the studio had potential, but it never actually worked.

Their debut Command & Conquer project was a real troubled development story. What started as a continuation of a successful franchise gradually turned into free-to-play simply called Command & Conquer. What a horrible way to go for one of the most beloved franchises in history.

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The game actually allowed you to buy new generals and extra game modes for cash. The story was simple. There was Europe, Asian Alliance, and terrorists fighting each other. The gameplay was pretty much the same: building the base, harvesting resources, creating units. There was no limit on the unit count. The greatest thing was that the game was powered by Frostbite 2, and later Frostbite 3. Unfortunately, the development took a very bad turn.

EA suddenly closed the company and canceled the game. The main reason was the low quality of the game, which didn’t do very well during the beta-testing phase. last time we’ve heard about the game was in 2013. The worst thing was that the game was actually the last big entry in C&C franchise. What a disappointing way to go. Let’s hope 2017 brings some nice surprises for the C&C lovers.

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Comments 27

  • Keith Turk Jr.

    Sad that it went this route. Loved the generals universe. generals and generals zero hour are still a blast to play the shockwave mod is still fun.
    Unfortunately the series is just vintage at this point.
    Eugen systems made a game series called wargame that is actually better. and Ive played the heck out of that.
    Their company is going downhill now making games people dont want.
    But there is hope.
    These RTS/wargames type games are really getting better and better graphically can you can rest assured that some one out there is going to continue to have something awesome for us to play.


    Keith Turk Jr.

    ·5 years ago·

    I even didn't heard about C&CG2 before! Screencshots looks good! It's a pity that EA stopped C&C games development (exept C&C remaster, but i don't like it).



    ·3 years ago·
  • Sum_old_guy

    For those bashing EA.....  Any old-schooler will tell ya, EA is not some great company.  Yeah, they've released some great games, but the bottom line is they're the fabled 'corporate giant' out to make money and eliminate competitors.  Been that way since the early 80's.  Another victim of EA you might have heard of, the Wing Commander series (Privateer as well).  If they can't rush out better games than you, they'll buy you out and kill your franchise.



    ·5 years ago·
  • mahyar

    is that images related to coc generals 2? zero hour ?



    ·5 years ago·
  • Bob Stone

    I hope they will make this happen, I'm one of those biggest C&C series and Generals fan


    Bob Stone

    ·5 years ago·
  • wilfred van den berg

    that new c&c mobile game is a slab in the face.... fuck ea


    wilfred van den berg

    ·5 years ago·
  • Optimus Prime

    Are we going to ever get a new C&C or are we simply forgotten fans?


    Optimus Prime

    ·5 years ago·
  • 404_Rabbit

    well what do we got after long wait? CnC Mobile! that turns out to be fucked up one!



    ·5 years ago·
  • Space

    W T F!!!
    Why, really don't understand, EA = just a fucking looser company!



    ·5 years ago·
  • kushio

    What is wrong !! This game is so good in EA history. I hope that this game will be released as soon as possible..Every gamer are waiting for this game..



    ·5 years ago·

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