With Eternal Strands, Former Dragon Age's Boss Doesn't Want to "Overhype Anything"

"I'm just going to be like: Look here, it's a videogame and I'm hoping you really enjoy it."

Just yesterday, we discussed Eternal Strands, an upcoming third-person, action-adventure game from the Dragon Age series' former Creative Director Mike Laidlaw, who created his own studio Yellow Brick Games, boasting a number of seasoned veterans from Ubisoft.

Today, we've got some more news. At GDC 2024, PC Gamer got to talk with Laidlaw, who shared that ahead of the actual release of the game, he doesn't to "overhype anything".

"I just desperately don't want to overhype anything," Laidlaw shared with PC Gamer. "I'm just going to be like: Look here, it's a videogame and I'm hoping you really enjoy it, because I made it, and a group of people made it with me, and we just hope you have fun."

Laidlaw also spoke about Eternal Strands itself, sharing that it's actually not an RPG in a classic definition. When the team was crafting the game, "redefining" the genre wasn't something they were trying to achieve. 

"With Yellow Brick, my personal goals have not been around redefining RPGs, or anything like that, in part because I wouldn't say what we're doing is an RPG in that very classic sense," Laidlaw said. "We now know that it's a third-person action game that combines Shadow of the Colossus-like climbable monsters with Tears of the Kingdom-style physics-manipulation magic – a pitch I admit I'm pretty compelled by."

As we mentioned before, the title will be built on Unreal Engine 5 and is set to release sometime in 2025. As for now, you can add the game to your wishlist on Steam and look forward to more updates from the developer.

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