YEBIS 2 Works Behind Bloodborne
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YEBIS 2 Works Behind Bloodborne
1 April, 2015

Silicon Studio celebrates the release of Bloodborne. This hardcore action title extensively uses YEBIS 2 middleware solution which makes the whole title shine in its moody glory.

We all know Silicon Studio and the technologies this company makes. The company provided its fantastic middleware YEBIS 2 to Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Japan Studio and FromSoftware – two of the biggest and most impressive studios in Japan. YEBIS 2 was used to power the visual effects in the PlayStation 4 title Bloodborne.


  • bloodborne-80lv
  • bloodborne-80lv
  • bloodborne-80lv
  • bloodborne-80lv

The cutting edge post processing effects of YEBIS 2 gave the game developers an opportunity to elevate graphic quality without sacrificing development resources.

Through the power of YEBIS 2, developers can create fantastic visual effects that complement their games. As seen in the incredibly realistic lighting effects seen in Bloodborne, YEBIS 2 has the flexibility and power to achieve the visuals goals of any game developer.

Takehiko Terada, CEO of Silicon Studio

The way it [Bloodborne] looks; just off the charts to me. It has, I’ve said this before … there’s a certain, like, wetness to that game. I don’t know what other word to use. It just feels like everything is dripping and oozing with whatever it is–it’s water, it’s blood, it’s whatever it is; and it just looks gorgeous.

Scott Rohde, PlayStation Software Product Development Head for Sony Worldwide Studios America

Bloodborne boasts some very impressive visual effects with incredible high quality post-effects. The light, the smoke, the air and smoke – everything looks realistic and very stylized, thanks to fantastic visual versatility.

  • yebis-3-80lv
  • yebis-3-80lv
  • yebis-3-80lv
  • yebis-3-80lv
  • yebis-3-80lv
  • yebis-3-80lv

If you’re looking for a detailed analysis of Bloodborne’s visuals, check out DigitalFoundry. It has a very nice breakdown of the effects and their influence on the general performance of the game.
The specialists also highlight the impressive visual advantages Bloodborne has over Dar Souls 2 – another great title made by FromSoftware.

The newer version of YEBIS 3 is available for purchase right now.


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