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You Can Leave Your Ship and Explore Space in Starfield

But you'll have to cheat a little.

Starfield is already offering massive room for exploration with its thousands of planets, but how cool would it be if you could just exit your ship and fly around in space? Apparently, it is possible, and Redditor WeirdConcern4666 even shared the way.

To walk outside and touch some asteroids, they used console commands. You need to be in the cockpit, not controlling the spaceship, and type: player.setpos x 10 and setgravityscale 0. It's done – you can enjoy the wonder of space flying and even build an outpost on an asteroid, WeirdConcern4666 says they've tried it, and it works.

"You can walk on asteroids if you activate the gravity and also change the player collision layer. The only problem is that the asteroid's gravity doesn't attract the player. It would be easy to implement with the Creation Engine," the player shared.

Image credit: Bethesda, WeirdConcern4666

To get back to your ship, you should use your scan to teleport and then type setgravityscale 1.

As some Reddit users noted, this could really expand the game's gameplay and open fantastic possibilities. I'm sure someone will turn these commands into an easy-to-use mod soon enough.

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