Zed Industries' Code Editor Enters Public Beta

The team's Rust-powered editor was engineered with speed and collaborative workflows in mind.

Software developer Zed Industries has announced that Zed, the team's Rust-powered high-performance, multiplayer code editor, has officially entered its public beta and is now available for macOS 10.15+.

Engineered with speed and collaborative workflows in mind, Zed efficiently leverages every CPU core and your GPU to start instantly, load files in a blink, and respond to your keystrokes on the next display refresh. Furthermore, the editor features robust communication tools, enabling multiple developers to navigate and edit within a shared workspace and allowing for nuanced, real-time conversations about any part of your codebase


Language-aware: Zed maintains a full syntax tree for every buffer as you type, enabling precise code highlighting, auto-indent, a searchable outline view, and structural selection.

Multi-buffers: Multi-buffers combine excerpts from multiple files into a single virtual buffer. Whether you're burning down compile errors, finding references to a method, or working with project-wide search results, you can edit across files with multiple cursors – all without switching tabs.

Designed for the multi-core era: Rust's unique type system lets us parallelize work across multiple cores without compromising application stability. Zed uses copy-on-write data structures and Rust's expressive async primitives to shift CPU-intensive tasks away from the main thread, yielding responsiveness that wouldn’t be possible in a single-threaded editor.

A principled approach to syntax: The editor utilizes Tree-sitter, an open source parsing framework based on the same theoretical foundation used in compilers: context-free grammars. Tree-sitter uses an incremental version of generalized LR parsing, enabling language-aware features for a general-purpose editor that were once only possible in language-specific IDEs.

"Today, you can invite other Zed users into your projects to seamlessly write and discuss code together in real-time. Soon, we'll introduce text-based conversations, so you can discuss any part of your codebase at any time, not just code you've recently committed," states the team. "The beta release we're sharing today is just a shadow of the tool we envision, and we're looking forward to chiseling away the marble in the coming months and years."

You can learn more and download Zed here. Also, don't forget to join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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